Who Am I?

Entrepreneurially Minded, Problem Solver, Sees the Big Picture, Loves Judo...

I am a web developer based out of Los Angeles,California, and for the last 9 years I have been accumulating unique skills and experiences on my road to becoming a software engineer.

On Going Projects


Simple to use XenForo bridge libary. The goal of this package is to allow developer to easily integrate their existing/new application with XenForo Forum Platfrom. This package is still heavily underdevelopment so use with caution. I have also included a ServiceProvider to use within a Laravel application. Check it out on Github


I am currently employed by Agena AstroProducts to build out and maintain their Magento E-commerce site. Although the site design was not done myself. Since coming board in 2012 I have completely rewrote and optimized the entire site which has resulted in cutting the site's average load time in half. I have also designed, wrote, and implemented a number of custom magento modules to help with day to day business at the company.


Virtual Enterprise Web Design

Here is a list of training and inspirational resources for getting started in web designing. Read More...